Tarrant County RACES FAQ


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  1. How do I join Tarrant County RACES. ?
  2. Where can I find RACES on the air?
  3. Who is in charge of Tarrant County RACES/ARES ?
  4. How do I sign-up for RACES Net Alerts ?
  5. How do I renew my RACES Membership ?

How do I join Tarrant County RACES/ARES ?

1. You must be an FCC licensed Amateur Radio Operator of a Technician class or higher who lives and/or works in Tarrant County, Texas. We are looking for dedicated people who spend a substantial amount of their time here in the county and wish to volunteer their time to make this a safer place to live and work.

2. Attend the annual SKYWARN training, held each spring and periodically through the year by the National Weather Service.

3. Complete the FEMA Emergency Management Institute (EMI) self study courses on the Incident Command System (IS-100.c, IS-200.c) and the National Incident Management System (NIMS IS-700.a). These courses can be completed on-line in just a couple of hours of time. Follow the course links below:


Introduction to the Incident Command System IS-100.a



Incident Command System for the Single Resouce and Initial Incident IS-200.c



For the National Incident Management System IS-700.b



For an Introduction to the National Response Framework IS-800.c



Upload copy of certificate showing successful completion to our Member's Only Site.


4. Fill out an on-line application here: On-Line Application

5. Listen and observe how the nets are run to learn the procedures used. Read the training materials found elsewhere on this site.

6. It is strongly suggested that you take the ARRL's Emergency Communications Course, Level 1. Information on this course and others can be found on the Tarrant County RACES web site or on the web at http://www.arrl.org/emergency-communications-training

7. The final step before being issued a RACES ID card is to take our new member training course offered during the year. This training covers the fundamentals, our goals, mission statement, policies and other topics. At the end of the class you will receive your membership card.


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Where can I find RACES/ARES on the air ?

The primary county wide 2 meter repeater frequency for Tarrant County RACES/ARES operations is 146.940 MHz. The backup repeater frequencies include 147.14, 146.760 and 146.68, 147.100, 145.11 and on UHF 444.100.

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Who is in charge of Tarrant County RACES/ARES ?

The Tarrant County RACES Liaison officer is Gerry Dalton W5MAY. Our City liaison is Keith Wells KD5IMT, Senior Emergency Management Coordinator, City of Fort Worth, Office of Emergency Management. All questions should be directed to Gerry or Keith at the City of Fort Worth Office of Emergency Management.

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How do I sign-up to be notified of RACES Nets ?

Tarrant County RACES members may sign-up for notification of RACES nets by Telephone Call/SMS Phone Messages and Emails. If you are not already on our notification list, please send an email requesting to be added to this list.

Calls will be placed anytime there is an authorized RACES net. This includes events which happen early in the mornings etc. SMS messages to your telephone will have a limited amount of characters, but your cellular provider may charge you for each message you receive.

Still interested in being notified by the automated system that replaced the Call Down Tree, please send an emaill to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please include your name and call, along with the voice phone number you want to notified at, an SMS number to send messages and and your email address. We'll send you a confirmation when you are on the list.

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How do I renew by RACES Membership ?

Tarrant County RACES members will be able to renew their ID cards and update their contact information as part of our new Renwal Training program. We have classes scheduled monthly. Renwal class will is held at the Joint EOC where members will be able to take part in refresher training, policy updates, new pictures etc. This training class will be a requirement for renewal of your RACES ID just as Skywarn school every 2 years.

All renewal applicants will also be required to pass a new background check conducted by the authorizing agency as a condition of renewal as a RACES member.


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